Launching a startup is a lot like falling in love. You meet this mysterious girl, she looks at you with her dark, deep, eyes, and suddenly, not only you’ve forgotten how to breath, but your top priority in life has become knowing everything about there’s to know about her, and spend every waking moment making her smile.

But beginning a relationship with your dream-startup isn’t easy. Sometimes, she comes with problems, like evil-exes or wrong assumptions regarding the value proposition. And very often these problems become only apparent when somebody else points them to you.

Today, Geosophic had the honour of being invited to iQU’s Headquarters, courtesy of THE game-fu master, Reinout te Brake.

We waltzed in, by the hand of our gorgeous geosocial gaming platform, admired their marvellous villa, sat with their team, and then…

Well, this clip from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World perfectly depicts what transpired there:

So yeah, our vision and value proposition received a quite sound beating by them. They knew which difficult questions to ask and where to hit. By the time we left, several of our bones were (figuratively speaking) broken. Our minds hurt like hell, and well, let’s say that our morale wasn’t precisely skyrocketing.

So then, why do I have this smile on my face?

First of all, they took us seriously enough not to pull any punches. When the leading company in game intelligence allows you to seat for a few minutes with their rockstars, and they tell you what doesn’t work in your proposal, you should listen carefully, gather all their input and then ask them for an autograph.

So that takes me to the second reason. The good thing about having your bones broken is that you get to know where the pain is. Maybe you don’t know how to fix it yet, but rest assuredly, you get a very precise idea of what to fix to get a bullet-proof proposal.

Third and last, it reminds you of your priorities in life. And if you’re really in love with your girl, or your vision, chances are, that you’ll just stand up again, and ask for another round.

Pablo Valcárcel
CEO @ Geosophic